I have been on this wonderfully fulfilling photography adventure for 14 years now, and I started out knowing nothing about photography, or how to even run my own business. Anything is possible in my mind, and although expensive cameras have beautiful features and beefy glass lenses, taking good pictures can be done using the photography tools you have. It simply takes a little planning and preparation, and I want you to love the images you take. 

Your camera is a powerful tool, it captures moments in time, that could otherwise be forgotten, or even missed by others for that matter. I want to teach you how to use your camera; I promise that my methods will not be a technical and over complicated endeavour. I want to teach you how to get the most out of the tools you have in the surroundings you happen to be in. I want to do this by teaching you how to seek out the optimal light, location, and how to compose your subjects the best way possible given any situation. 

In addition to the one-on-one and group introduction tutorials, I offer hourly one-on-one tutorials (you may require more than 1 to get through everything you want to learn), as well as afternoon group tutorials (3 people) in my studio. I would love to see you, and show you how I do things. 

Areas of discussion would include, but are not limited to: 

• Making the most of your camera and gear; 
• How to maximize the light you have (natural most   of the time, but artificial if required); 
• Basic settings; 
• Composition; 
• Styling images; 
• “Getting it right” in camera (to save you 
   editing  time); 
• Basic edits (to bring the image back to how your 
   eyes initially saw it); 
• File size (dimensions & resolution), file handling 
   and the importance of file storage and back up; 
• Printing and much more 

I am an open book. If you are a just getting the hang of things, want to learn a little more about how I work, have a beautiful new baby or puppy you want to fill the walls with, then I want to teach you. Remember, Rome was not built in a day, and things take time to grasp, but a little guidance can go a long way.

photography business mentoring, One-on-one or group photography, and editing tutorials are available with me in my studio. I also give portfolio reviews



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