I operate a fine art photography service, which serves Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada & Beyond, and I have travelled all  over the world for my craft. I have 15 years of experience in photography and visual art, and have in-depth knowledge of photography techniques that allows me to capture beautiful moments in the most flattering light, without erasing what it is that makes you unique. 

I spend time getting to know you, and what your vision is. If you don’t have a vision, don’t worry; I am happy to work with you to uncover what it is you hope to preserve. Your photo shoot should be a fun experience, even if you’re not totally comfortable having your photo taken; I promise I'll help you feel more at ease in front of a camera.

I put my heart and soul into my work, and this is likely what drew you to our images on our website. I like to direct versus pose my subjects in a very natural manner.

My captures have an authentic and timeless feel, and my focus is on creating a photographic record of your event or milestone.

I want you to look at the photos and smile at the memory I’ve worked so hard to capture for you.


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So many lovely details here, there, and everywhere.

We could have never dreamed of such beautiful documents from such an important time in our lives. Having you two there to help shepherd us throughout the day was invaluable. You are both so gifted!
This weekend we will be traveling to Syracuse, NY to host a larger reception with more friends and family. Your stunning photos will be premiered to the public in a slideshow projected on a giant screen that revolves all night. We are beyond excited for the big reveal.

Again, thank you so much for everything. You two are simply the best and we'll be sure to shout it from the rooftops!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Melissa & Aaron

We cannot thank you enough. These photos are gorgeous! Absolute magic! 


We are absolutely in love with your photography and the images that you were able to capture of our day. Memories for a lifetime that we can cherish. You two are literally the dream team. Both Mike and I loved working with you both. (Mike said “ we should get married every year just so we can our amazing team make us feel like royalty. again.). In all honestly, you guys did truly do that. You made us feel amazing and relaxed..I think exactly how every bride and groom should get to feel on their wedding day.

We had wedding planners but I also feel Nicole that you were one as well. You were with me every step of the way throwing out suggestions, comments and concerns to make sure we had our perfect day. Your military style organization did not go unnoticed and I was so appreciated of that!!

We have also had many family members and friends reach out to us complimenting you both. Teddy- I would say every older lady and many of the guys now have a serious crush on you! 

Thank you, thank you thank you! You two are one of a kind!

- Hillary & Michael

You are patient, calm and so lovely to everyone.


I cried looking through them and they were certainly happy tears. You captured the day in the most beautiful way and I can’t thank you enough for all of your attention to the little details that made it so special.

We are absolutely thrilled with our bridal portraits.

You are both so talented.

- Christina & Kyle

We love these photos so so so much. 


They were there for us throughout the entire process; happy to advise us along the way from the big details to the small, and making us feel like no question or concern was frivolous. They made us laugh, made us comfortable, and made us feel very safe in their hands along the way.

They are both so kind, talented, and supportive, while also being organized and focused. They have a system that works, and for us that meant a huge weight lifted from our shoulders, allowing us to relax and be present in the moment. They hold themselves to a very high standard, which is clearly reflective in their work. We truly love our photos and how perfectly they captured our big day.

We love Nicole and Ted, and our family and friends quickly grew to love them too. They’re truly inspiring and a natural fit on a day full of emotions. It’s easy to feel how authentic their love is for their craft, for each other, and for the couples who choose to let them share in their wedding day.

We love you guys!

- Maia & Matt

Nicole and Teddy exceeded every expectation we had for wedding photographers. 


We had so many people tell us it is important to find a photographer to capture all of the special moments that will become a blur. We were lucky enough to find two.  

Nicole and Teddy, you captured our day exactly how we envisioned. Every single smile, tear, hug, kiss and laugh is perfectly documented for us to reflect on in years to come. We get to relive our special day every time we look at our pictures – both of us have the biggest smile on our face every time we flip through. We cannot thank you enough for being our photographers, coordinators, hair fixers, drivers, gift exchangers, and so much more. We are so lucky to have had you as part of our day. 

- Katie & Rob

Finding the perfect photographer is something that was important to Rob and me.


They helped us choose a location, select vendors, dry off from the rain, and best of all, they became our friends. Nicole and Teddy are both true professionals who brought an element of calm to the day. They were genuinely a pleasure to work with, and we are truly amazed by our wedding photos. They perfectly encapsulate the love, laughter, and longing we felt on that day.

Forever grateful,

- Codie & Adam

Nicole and Teddy were so much more than just our wedding photographers. 


Her photos have a feel to them that is just the right balance of whimsical, authentic, timeless and romantic. She and Teddy are so fun to work with, always finding the humour along the way and sharing in the laughs and excitement.

They were ever present to get the most amazing photos and also curiously unintrusive as if they were a part of our family and wedding party. We felt totally at ease with them witnessing every moment of our wedding day, even the tears of joy and love. Weddings goes by so quickly, but the photos really are forever. We are so happy to have these mementos to ground the memories of such a spectacular day in our lives

- Amanda & Christopher

Working with Nicole was an easy decision for us. 


We already know how incredible your work is; but to have two such kind, caring and genuine people spend the day with us and our families meant the world to Cale and I. Our entire family simply adores you two... as do we! 

Our day was absolutely perfect, and we owe so much to you and Teddy. We are so excited and can't wait to to see our beautiful memories captured in our wedding collection :).

Love you both!!

- Hannah & Cale

You are the absolute sweetest. We cannot tell you how grateful we are to have had you and Teddy there with us on our day.


Not only do you know how to capture genuine emotion and beautiful light, but you knew exactly how to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Our family and friends instantly fell in love with you, with many asking how we managed to score such amazing photographers.

You were such an integral part of our wedding day, keeping everyone on time and having fun. We admire your teamwork as a couple and know that all the day’s special memories were caught from every angle. Any couple would be lucky to have you photograph their big day, just as we were!

- Jessica & Tyler

Nicole and Teddy, we truly can’t thank you enough for being a part of our big day. 


Garrett and I planned our rural Nova Scotia wedding, in less than 5 months, from Saskatchewan. Needless to say, the logistics were daunting. We found Nicole and Teddy through a simple google search for "Halifax photographers", sending requests for available dates to them and others that came up. They responded quickly and less than 48 hours later we had Skyped with them and fallen in love with them and their work! They went above and beyond for us, even bringing a lavender bouquet and boutonnière they made for us. Despite trying to stop and take it all in, your wedding day still goes by very quickly but Nicole and Teddy are also there, capturing those moments forever. 

Having Teddy and Nicole photograph our wedding was one of the best decisions we've ever made. Given that our wedding took place overlooking the Northumberland Strait, I am so glad we were able to find photographers as talented as Nicole and Teddy to capture all the natural beauty. More important than that is how easy they are to work with. They have such warm personalities they almost felt like members of the wedding party. When helping Paula and I with the poses, they would mimic what the positioning together and you could really see how much love they have for one another. I think that helped us relax and tap into our feelings for one another. Teddy and Nicole are such a wonderful couple!

- Paula & Garrett

Nicole and Teddy are wonderful people, their love for each other and their passion for what they do shines through in their work.


There wasn’t an encounter we had that wasn’t comfortable and enjoyable. They are both so amazing at what they do that any nervousness or anxiety is instantly forgotten the first time you see your photos.

Their pictures speak for themselves and It is fair to say that we would recommend Teddy and Nicole to any bride and groom.

- Adrienne & Ryan

Nicole and Teddy are a bride’s (and groom’s) dream. From the first time we sat down with them we knew they were the perfect choice to capture our special day.


We love the moments you captured—some we would never have known or noticed otherwise. The photos have such a lovely light and airy feel to them, even if it actually felt really hot that day. You captured each moment perfectly—it's like we're there again. 

We're so grateful for the work you've done and it really shows how much love and passion you have for your craft. Can't say enough how grateful we are to know you two and to have shared our day with you!

- Charissa & Carlos

Thank you so much for sending these! We love the photos and are so lucky to have had you as our photographers.


Where to start? I have been a fan of Nicole's work since I moved to Nova Scotia in 2009. My first impression of her photographs was that everything looked so very natural and fun-filled.

Fast forward six years to when Adam proposed in August of 2015, and I immediately thought of Nicole. I wondered about the possibility of Nicole and Teddy travelling to Newfoundland to capture the events of our wedding day. I consulted with my Mom who advised that if I had been following Nicole for so long, and was so impressed by her work, that I should go for it and see if she was available and willing to come to St. John's. 

Nicole and Teddy came on board for our great adventure and we were honoured to have them work with us. They brought to our wedding a sense of comfort and calm. Our families and guests loved them and they blended into the wedding festivities - all the while "snapping" away and capturing so many special moments. They know what works and what doesn't - we had a lot of confidence in their skills.The most difficult part of this process has been narrowing down photos to print - they are all so beautiful.

We will be forever grateful to Nicole and Teddy for their warmth and care while capturing every aspect of our wedding day. We cherish our photographs and look forward to working with them in the future.

- Kate & Adam

Our photographs are stunning. Every time I sit down with Adam to look through them, we see things we had not seen before. 


You both captured everything perfectly, and it's so nice to see some of the details I didn't get to see during our whirlwind day!

Thank you both from our hearts - we couldn't have imagined our day without having you both there. It means so much that you shared your talents with us. You were so easy to work with, and really made taking photos feel like fun! We believe images are so important for documenting a big day like this – with you, we knew our memories were in good hands.

- Heidi & Patrick

We had such a wonderful time with you both, and it is such a joy to see all these beautiful photos!




From the moment I received the first email from Nicole about setting up our engagement photo session, I knew they were the right people to photograph our wedding. 

Wedding planning, at times, can be stressful, but as I went through the process, it became clear to me how important it is to work with people who know what they are doing and who you don’t have to worry about as you’re worrying about a million other things. Nicole was a huge source of calm, warmth, and information. 

For our engagement shoot, Karl and I had a bit of a hard time getting used to being in front of the camera. While giggling through it helped, Nicole and Teddy’s direction and love for each other put at ease and led to photos that far exceeded my expectations. On our wedding day, Nicole and Teddy were more than our photographers. They gave advice, tidied our rooms, shuttled flowers, coordinated timing with our officiant, laughed with us, and became friends and family. They clearly know what they are doing, but more than that, they are just really fabulous people to be around.

- Sarah & Karl


More than wedding photos, the quality of the work that Nicole and Teddy produce is art of exceptional caliber. Every shot, every action, every moment - beautifully rendered and evocative in its own right. 

Our wedding day in the Mayan Riviera started off beautifully enough, with balmy temperatures and cool sea breezes. But as our luck that day would have it, the heaven's opened up and unleashed gale force winds and thundershowers just an hour before our beach ceremony was to begin! We had all but given up hope of any good shots, with a last minute change in venue and ominous clouds rolling in from the horizon, but Nicole and Teddy were consummate professionals; not only were they able to work around the changes, but they used the changing lighting conditions and the backdrop of a stormy sky to create wedding photos that were simply gorgeous! They are photographers, sure, but they are artists and visionaries as well. In fact, we wouldn't be too far off the mark if we called them magicians...though we are most proud to count them among our dearest friends.

- Mary & Chris

We simply cannot recommend Nicole and Teddy enough to capture your wedding day! As husband and wife themselves, they bring their own unique vision to wedding photography that we haven't seen anywhere,A CERTAIN PLAYFULNESS, WARMTH AND AFFECTION THAT SUFFUSES THE WORK THAT THEY DO. 


Nicole & Teddy captured every single detail and moment of our wedding day so beautifully… all of the smiles, tears, hugs, laughter and fun, and most importantly, perfectly captured our love for one another. 

 I will never forget the day Nicole & I met in Toronto; it was an instant friendship. Then after hearing about her love for Teddy, their relationship, and their photography experience together, we knew it was the perfect fit. They are a force to be reckoned with, and in my opinion, they are the most dynamic wedding photography duo out there. They are so kind, so friendly and so caring … all whilst taking charge, keeping things on time and ensuring no detail or moment is forgotten. 

 It is amazing to have Teddy with the men and Nicole with the ladies in the earlier hours of the day. It is such a relaxed and comfortable way to capture these shots. Then they team up and approach the ceremony and reception with such incredible energy and attention, while somehow becoming a part of the family with their sincere kindness, smiles and incredible personalities. 

 For anyone reading this testimonial, Nicole & Teddy are THE BEST. They were by far the best investment we made for our wedding day and we can’t wait to work with them again in the future.

- Erika & Eddy

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!! From the bottom of our hearts for over 1,000 breathtaking, heart quenching and priceless pictures.


There are many quality photographers to choose from but I’ve always felt there was something special about their photos, something that separates them from other photographers. I didn’t know what this something was until we started the photography process with them. Yes, an intimate process whereby you develop a friendship with them. Nicole and Teddy get to know you as individuals, learn about you as a couple, and a greater understanding of what is important to you. “It is all about the small details” Nicole told me over and over again. I now understand you can’t capture these details without getting to know the people you are photographing. After all, it is the small intimate details that matter and make the difference. What they do is much more than a picture taking session. Nicole and Teddy captured and produced a magical story where words were not required. An enchanted collection of art chronicling our day's story that we will have for a lifetime. Something we can pass on to our children and grandchildren so they can clearly see just how perfect our day was.   
It is not only fantastic photography skills this team is equipped with. Through their experiences and vast network Nicole & Teddy understand what was required, what works and what doesn’t. They took the time to listen to our desires and work with us throughout our wedding development, offering suggestions along the way but never intruding. They suggested vendors, colours that worked with the venue, time of day, and helped develop a whimsical theme to help improve the artistic aspects of our wedding that would inevitably be captured through their lenses. 

- Scott & Sarah



They became an integral part of our day as they offered advice throughout the wedding planning experience to ensure every aspect of the wedding is perfect. When you work with Nicole and Teddy you cannot help but fall in love with them as people as well as photographers. 

On your wedding day they blend in; they become a part of your family, friends, and loved ones. They add laughter and love to your big day whilst simultaneously finding a way to capture breathtaking photos. We will forever cherish the memories we made while taking photos with Nicole and Teddy. 

Brides: Nicole will capture your best self while infusing you with a sense of confidence and self-love. Behind her lens she finds a unique way to make you feel more beautiful than you could ever imagine. 

Nicole and Teddy's accolades speak to their kindness, talent, and magnificence. It would be a disservice to simply call them brilliant as they are much more than that. Nicole and Teddy are sensational and incredible both as photographers and people. We love you. 
- Melissa & Adam



Nicole stayed with my wife’s family and Ted stayed with mine. Together, they were able to capture many memories that would have otherwise been lost in time. They were also able to immortalize so many special moments of my brother and his family during the day and evening. Jo-Ann and I, along with our entire family fell in love with Nicole and Teddy and didn’t want them to leave the party. We were also fortunate to have them capture some very artistic and scenic photos throughout the city of Halifax during the twilight hours one evening.

My brother has since passed away – a little over a month after this beautiful day. I am so thankful and grateful that Nicole and Teddy were there to give my family and I such beautiful photos and memories. Despite a tragic chapter to this wonderful story, we will continue to have happy memories of this day and seeing my brother at my side, which was made possible by Nicole and Teddy.

Anyone who has seen our wedding photos always asks us “WHO is your photographer?”. We reply proudly, Nicole and Teddy! We would recommend Nicole and Teddy to anyone. They are a pleasure to work with and their passion for photography shines through in their work. They will always be our first call as Jo-Ann and I build our family together.
- Jo-Ann & Brian



Our first meeting with Nicole and Teddy happened - almost like an interview -on Skype. Certainly awkward, we quizzed them about experience and creative control among other things. We felt it was important to get to know our photographers as we wanted a certain professionalism brought to our wedding that I knew I would be lacking (ha!). 
Needless to say, they passed.

I think there is something to be said about being comfortable enough with your photographer(s) to show emotion or certain vulnerabilities. In hindsight, the truth is that your wedding day isn’t all smiles. It is emotional, it can be trying and at the end of the day there is such a release of stress as you are with the one you long to be with, that most of all, it is exhausting. We needed a photographer to cover all of that and more.

Fast forward to the day of our wedding. I remember sitting down with Teddy at the start of the day. Nicole and Teddy just had an emergency with a family member hours earlier. They could have cut their day short or “mailed it in” but that’s not who these people are. They were active and caring. Always focused (pardon the pun) on us, ensuring that our day was great (which it was). The proof is in the work that they have provided us. I’ll never forget the day of our wedding. Further, I’ll never forget the professionalism brought forth by Nicole and Teddy on that day.
- Erica & Mark



One of the most popular questions that I receive is "what type of equipment do you use?" Here is a list of my favourites with a brief description of my experience with each piece.  If you have any questions about any of this send me an email, I would be happy to give you my thoughts.



The 50mm f/1.2L USM. My faithful sidekick and it rarely leaves our camera bodies; it is a very versatile lens and I use it for everything wedding, from prep, ceremony, family formals to the first dance.
Its beefy, but lightweight and it gives me the exact focal length I like from a composition perspective.  It gives the feel of being right in the middle of everything on a wedding day, or any event.  I love it for shooting concerts because I can crank the aperture wide open and let in all the ambient stage lighting (as I am not permitted to use flash during these shows), and the bokeh is amazing; and I love shooting at 1.2 for the most shallow depth of field.


I use a Canon r6 and a 5D Mark III as my main cameras, I also shoot film with a medium format Contax 645 with 80mm Zeiss lens.

Camera Bodies

The 35mm f/1.4L USM.  Lightweight, this lens gives such a crisp, “in the moment” perspective and I am hooked.  It makes the tight hotel room, getting ready shots a little less tight, and we can shoot with it wide open to blur and disguise any clutter of the background. It also comes in handy for the family formals if there is a large group.
The 85mm f/1.2L II USM. Heavy, fast, sharp as a tack (once focus is locked), and takes such beautiful portraits. 
The 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. The only time I use this lens is for the ring shots, and occasionally small venue details.
The 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM and the 72-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM give us the full range we need if we have to take a large group photo, or aren’t able to be close at the wedding ceremony because of venue restrictions, but we rarely need to use these lenses.

Lenses (continued)

430 EX II, a 580 EX II and 2, 600 EX-RT speedlites.  These are most often used off camera with triggers, and only come out of the bags during receptions, and dance in order to evenly light up a room, and create nice backlighting for the first dances. 



Nicole Lapierre Photography, a Fine Art Photography Service, serving Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada & Beyond